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Who are we

The real estate agency OCEÀNIC was born in 1997 in La Massana, in the Principality of Andorra to enter the Andorran market. During the housing bubble it was developed outside, by opening branches of the group in countries like Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde and get experience and international real estate knowledge.

Oceànic is a family group that offers all type of services and property management with an adapted and personalized attention according to the customer’s wishes and needs.


IMMOBILIÀRIA OCEÀNIC offers a large range of services adapted to the needs of each customer in order to facilitate all the procedures derived from the wide world of real estate.

Buying and selling properties
All kind of renting
Rental management
Patrimony administration
Real estate valuation
Own management services
Projects assessment
Full renovation services


Residency permit

There are two possibilities to get residency in Andorra.

PASSIVE RESIDENCY (residence permit without work permit).
ACTIVE RESIDENCY (residence permit with work permit).

Residence with no remunerative activity:

Residence in the Principality of Andorra with no remunerative activity is available to any individuals, not Andorran, who set up their principal and effective residence in Andorra for at least 90 days per calendar year, without exercising any working or professional activity. However, the residents can undertake activities necessary for the management of their own assets and the relevant functions corresponding to administrator for entities in the capital or the funds of which they have holdings equal to or over 50%, provided that the post of administrator is not remunerated.

Requirements to obtain a residence permit with no remunerative activity

- Being of age or independent if under age and not disqualified
- Accreditation of sufficient financial means as established by regulation
- Evidence and keep in force for Andorra an insurance cover for illness, incapacity and old age, for the applicant and for persons in their charge
- Demonstrate in documents being the owner or tenant of a dwelling
- A written commitment to fix the principal and effective residence in the Principality of Andorra and to keep the insurance contract in force
- Investment of at least €400,000 in any of the  types of assets listed below:

     a)    Real estate located in Andorra
     b)    Holdings in the share capital or own funds of entities resident in Andorra
     c)    Debt instruments issued by entities resident in Andorra
     d)    Debt instruments issued by any Andorran Public Authorities
     e)    Unremunerated deposits in the Andorran National Institute of Finance (INAF)

- Make effective and deposit in the Andorran National Institute of Finance the sum of €50,000 unremunerated, plus €10,000 for each person in their charge
- Written commitment to make the minimum investment of €400,000 within 6 months

why create a company in Andorra ?

From 2012, the country has made changes and is now open at 100% to the foreign investment.

Companies models that can be created:

- Limited liability company – llc: capital  3 000 €
- Public limited company – ltd: capital 60 000 €


- Maximum 10 % of profit taxes
- 2% of corporate taxes for the companys whose activity is:  
       International business
       International management of intangible assets (taxes)
       International investment and funding
- Some holdings are corporate tax-exempt
- The lowest vat in europe: 4,5 %
- Very low annual taxes (municipality, government…) – about 500 €
- Social contributions around 14 %

Other benefits

- Wage cost: social security fees of 14 %
- Wages: average salary lower than 30% with respect to france and spain
- Very economical rents
- Performing health system – extraterritorial agreements
- Modern infrastructures


Tell us what you want. We will find it for you.

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